Homeopathic wheat allergy treatment – An effective way to cure allergy

Hyper sensitivity with any foreign body is called allergy. These foreign bodies can be anything like – pollen grains, dust, deodorant, spray, fog and even wheat. All these may sounds as irritants except wheat, isn’t it?

Wheat allergy is caused because of gluten content in wheat. Wheat contains two major proteins named as glutenins and gliadins, collectively they form gluten. These glutens form immunoglobulin E reactions which in turn attack the immune system and induce abnormality in it.

Warning signs of wheat allergy – Itching, red rashes


Chest pain

Irritation in mouth, throat and swelling

Belly cramp


Itching in eyes


Treatment- Wheat is a major part of our daily intake and allergy due to it may create a major problem and can disturb our daily life.

Homeopathic wheat allergy treatment is one of the most authentic treatments. It is free from every side effect and is based on the theory of individualism. Homeopaths consider person as a whole and goes through his complete case history including family history, medical records, symptoms and psychological status. After going through the entire case study homeopaths matches the medicines with the analyzed case and prescribe it to the patient.

Following are some homeopathic medicines which are highly essential for the wheat allergy treatment – Calcarea carbonica – It is prescribed to the overwhelmed and steady person by nature. Patient often becomes anxious because of fear of height. Patient suffers from poor digestive problem, heart burn and gastric. Patients suffer from lots of sweating while he is sleeping and swollen tonsils and lymph nodes are also common among them.

Arsenicum album – Arsenicum is prescribed to those who feel restlessness and ill very soon. Such patients are allergic to many foods. These patients may suffer from asthmatic attack and extreme burning sensation. Such patients are also very conscious about neatness and hygiene.

Carbo Vegetabilis – Carbo vegetabilis is often prescribed to the person who feels cold and difficulty in breathing. Patients feel to be protected and surrounded by family members because of feeling of insecurity. Such problem becomes worst in the evening, lying down, sitting, eating and talking.

Hepar Sulphuris calcareum – Patients are extremely soft hearted, sensitive and touchy. They are affected by breathing problem, condense mucus and skin rashes.

Lycopodium – Patients suffers from many foods allergy. Patient feels hungry but unable to intake food in appropriate amount. He feels overfed by small quantity of food. Due to half diet person often feels weak and lethargic.

These were some of the commonly used medicines. Few more are – Berberis Vulgaris, Rhus Tox, Copavia Officinalis, Arsenic Album, Pyrogenium, Carbo Animalis, Pulsatilla, Carbo Veg, Iris, Kali Act, Kali Carb, Lachesis, Plumbum Met, Allium Cepa, Belladonna, Bryonia, China, Causticum, Colchicum, , Psorinum, Natrum Sulph, Sulphur and many more.

Henceforth, wheat allergy can be easily treated by the aid of homeopathic treatment provided that you consult your homeopaths and follow his instructions as suggested.